4 Week SMP Certification Course is HERE!!!

Are you looking to enhance your skills in Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)? Join our exciting 4-week training course, designed to fit your busy schedule! There is no need to take four consecutive days off from work. Instead, dedicate one full day a week for four weeks to learn at your own pace and get hands-on activities to practice at home.

What's included in the 4-week SMP training course?

Online Access:
Gain access to our comprehensive student dashboard.
Explore video tutorials covering all aspects and foundations of the SMP technique, including sanitation & disinfection and required equipment.
Earn certifications in Blood Borne Pathogens and Barbicide.
Day 1 in Class:
Get introduced to Scalp Micro-pigmentation Theory.
Engage in dot work activity, focusing on adequately placing dots in 1-3 sessions.
Learn dot blending & fading techniques.
Discover how to obtain your Health & Body Art permit and pass a health inspection.
Dive into marketing and advertising tips, social media strategies, and learn how to take captivating pictures.
Master client consultations, retention, and rescheduling touch-ups.

Are you excited yet? There's more to come!

Day 2 in Class:
Set up your station and learn about barriers to sanitation and disinfection.
Explore pigment mixing and understand the correct shade for different skin tones.
Get hands-on practice with SMP techniques using various fruits.
Learn about proper needle depth and creating the perfect size impressions and density.
Dive into in-depth hairline designs, including line-ups and natural hairline drawing.

Day 3 in Class:
Witness a live demonstration of an SMP service by Gabriel on a model.
Receive instructions on proper client aftercare and angles for photography after a treatment.
Get the chance to practice SMP techniques on a live model.

4th Advanced Training day:
Deep dive into advanced topics such as in-depth hairline creations, advanced needle theory, scar camouflage, and tattoo removal theory and demonstration.
Celebrate your graduation and receive Basic SMP & Advanced SMP Certification.

But that's not all!

As a bonus, the Scalp MicroPigmentation Pro Kit is included, providing you with all the necessary equipment and supplies to kickstart your SMP journey.

After your certification, we provide additional benefits such as refresher days, continued mentoring, direct access to instructors, and 30 days of practice access to our facility for working on models.

Take advantage of this engaging opportunity to become a skilled SMP artist. Enroll now and unlock your potential in the world of Scalp Micro-pigmentation!