Are hair fillers the solution to Hair loss?

Because of genetic reactions in men and women and male pattern baldness after a particular age which affects both genders, hair loss occurs. Though men are more prone to this disease, women also face the same issue particularly after 40. 

Why does hair fall occur?

Hair fall is caused due to different issues;

  • stress, 
  • workouts causing sweat to hair glands, 
  • genetics, 
  • pregnancy, 
  • less hair care (chemical treatments, heat styling through straighteners and hair dryers, etc. 

When you appear bald, you get yourself in a certain complex of being displayed uglier.  You can have treatments that can protect you from being completely bald and can fix this issue of yours. Hair filler is one of those solutions for this problem.

The need for hair fillers:

The above-mentioned causes result in hair thinning and thin hair is more prone to fell off. Some people go for hair implantation but it is a risky business and if the reaction goes opposite, it might lead to permanent hair loss, allergic reaction on the skin causing skin cancer, and other similar problems. 

What do hair fillers do?

Creating pigmentation on the bald area can nullify the “being bald” impression and it appears as if the person has normal hair as he had before. Techniques and procedures do vary for the hair filling process but the one which has the most promising results and the least to none side effects is “micro-pigmentation” also referred to as Scalp Micropigmentation. During this process pigments just as the current hair color is injected into the scalp of the person under the procedure and it creates the look of follicles of hair. All the bald areas get covered and you look way younger and fresh than before. 

Contrary to hair extensions, wigs, implantation which fade away, are temporary, or carry a high risk to the health of the person, this procedure is permanent. Other procedures last a few months or a year but this can last a lifetime and only touches will be required after 9-10 years if necessary. 

The details you need to know:

Hair/ skin experts or dermatologists do not just go on and advise the procedure. After a detailed observation of your health, allergies, skin sensitivity, they refer this procedure to you. The experts at the centers analyze every inch of your scalp and ask for the results you want. They then devise the whole procedure, the pigmentation chemicals, and other requirements for 100% results. The number of sessions varies according to your areas of baldness and the condition of your skin. To numb the feeling of pain, medicines or injections are also given after observing the health conditions of yours. 

Why is hair filling the optimal solution to treat baldness?

There are almost no side effects and the results are so quick that you don’t have to wait for months to look good again and also it does not put any other genetic material in your skin that tends to react. 

Instead of causing scars to your skin, it covers them. Usually, scars are the areas where hair stops growing for example; burns, accident marks, or broad hairline. 

It does not create any difference in hair color. Imagine how you look when after implantation, the new hair makes you brunette and you are naturally blonde? You will have to spend a lot on dying and other expensive hair treatments just to make them look even. 

Also, the texture of the hair sometimes differs with implantation techniques which do not happen in the case of hair filling. 

Get your lost confidence back:

Those who crave meeting their colleagues and friends and are in dire need of a job but do not have the confidence to face people because they are afraid of being made fun of. Although everyone likes attention but in a positive way. You go into anxiety when you get unwanted attention with strange looks just because you appear bald. Wanting to change your look, experimenting with styles and shades may appear a far-off desire which cannot be achieved. Micropigmentation gives you just the contentment you need and you no longer feel bad about your appearances. They get you the attention you need and make you look as attractive as you want to. 

Does getting injected scare you? Or are you afraid of needles?

Experts at Precise Microscalps make sure that you do not face any such trouble. Some people have a phobia of needles and you may be one of them. The idea of pain and blood may scare you and you might want to reconsider your decision of getting hair fillers. But you need not worry because the needles used are too tiny to be noticed and even when they pierce the skin, we do it with such precision that you won't even notice and it will be done. 

Where to get the best suggestions and discuss your concerns? 

At Precise Micro scalps we teach our students all the latest techniques regarding tattoo removal, Scalp Micropigmentation and Scar camouflage. The SMP industry is just starting and this is an excellent time to be an SMP artist and start offering this service to your clients to expand your business. If you own a tattoo salon or a barber shop, SMP will be an excellent Add-On to your service. 

Precise Microscalps offers SMP trainings at different levels, choose your own and get trained with the experts. If you need any assistance you can contact us here.