Are you Ready to Learn Scalp Micro-Pigmentation From the Pros?

If you want to provide an additional, valuable service for your clients, scalp micro-pigmentation certification could be the way to go. A popular technique to give the appearance of thick, healthy hair on patches of the scalp that have thinning hair or are completely bald, scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) can be offered by beauty therapists, tattooists, barbers, or any entrepreneurial professional in the beauty industry.

Find out more about what scalp micro-pigmentation is, the benefits of high-grade SMP training, and the advantages that offering SMP in your salon, spa, or facility can bring to you and your customers.

What is SMP?

SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) is a form of semi-permanent tattooing (similar to micro-blading for eyebrows). SMP can be used on the scalp to create the illusion of thick, healthy hair. Over the course of two or three years, SMP gradually fades in a natural, discreet manner.

Unlike a conventional tattoo, the pigmentation used doesn't change color over time. SMP is also a relatively comfortable procedure in comparison to the tattooing process, making it suitable for sensitive areas such as the scalp.

Why opt for SMP Education?

It's vital that SMP is delivered in a safe, and effective manner, creating the great results that your customers deserve. To get the best return on the investment you make in training, it's important to train with highly experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring you acquire all the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide a high-grade service.

Gabriel at Precise Microscalps has been practicing SMP successfully for many years. The four-day course that Precise MicroScalps offers includes everything you need to practice SMP. Whether you're currently working in the beauty or body mod industries and looking for an additional service to offer, or are considering a fresh career and feel SMP might be a good option, the Precise MicroScalps SMP education will be right for you.

What Advantages can SMP Bring to you and Your Customers?

Customers benefit from:

  • An effective solution to the problem of thinning hair or hair loss. 
  • A comfortable, well-tolerated treatment that delivers excellent, rapid results.
  • Treatment from a practitioner who they already know and trust.
  • The opportunity to benefit from a modern, innovative treatment.

SMP Practitioners benefit from:

  • The adoption of a profitable treatment that has a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Learning a fresh, cutting-edge procedure that's not yet widely available, giving your business a competitive edge.
  • High-grade training that ensures you have the right skills and knowledge to practice SMP with confidence.
  • SMP requires a modest outlay in terms of equipment - perfect for a start-up business.
  • When you learn with Precise MicroScalps, Gabriel offers ongoing advice and support once your training is complete.

With so many advantages, it's little surprise that a growing number of beauty therapists, tattooists, and business start-ups are opting to gain SMP certification. Get in touch with Gabriel to find out more about SMP training and starting your own SMP facility.