Does Dry Scalp Accelerate Hair Loss?

 Think about the last time you bathed. Did you find a lot of hair on your shower floor? Do you see thinning roots and a visible scalp when you look in the mirror?

You're not alone! More than 50% of women and 80% of men experience significant hair loss. But did you know that a dry scalp can be the secret culprit of hair loss?

Read on to learn about the causes of hair loss, as well as a few prevention tips!

Hair Loss Causes

Many people believe genetics to be the only cause of hair loss, but that's not the whole truth. Hair loss can occur for many reasons.

Aging Skin

Thinning hair is part of the natural aging process. Hair follicles slow production and hair growth ceases as we get older. It's vital to start hair loss treatments early to slow the loss.

Illnesses and Diseases

Many health issues can result in permanent or temporary hair loss. Alopecia areata, a condition where the immune system attacks hair follicles, is common. But hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, and scalp infections can also lead to loss.

Major Stress

Stress can cause temporary hair loss that usually reverses within six to nine months. Stressful events can push hair follicles into a resting phase, delaying hair growth. Keep in mind that it's temporary, and take care of your hair in the meantime!


We're often our hair's worst enemies. Heat, chemicals, over-styling, and tight hairstyles do more damage than we realize. In this case, you'll often notice breakage along with thinning hair. Improving hair health will result from a more gentle routine!

The Dry Scalp Connection

Research shows that a healthy scalp leads to more productive hair follicles. Oxidative stress is tied to dryness and affects hair before it even emerges from the scalp. This process also occurs in some of the above-mentioned causes, like aging and chronic illness.

There are many reasons you might experience a dry scalp, including:

  • Seasonal changes
  • Overwashing
  • Hair products
  • Chemical treatments
  • Scalp infections
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

If you have a dry scalp, that means something isn't quite right. Look for signs of dryness like itching, dandruff, and irritation.

Hair Loss Solutions

Lifestyle changes like improving diet and reducing stress should be your first steps. Then look into some of these solutions for preventing hair loss.

Use Medicated Shampoo

Head to your local pharmacy and pick up a bottle of medicated shampoo. Find products that contain zinc, coal tar, or tea tree oil. These ingredients will help both a dry scalp and the hair loss that follows!

Consider Hair Transplants

While this is not for everyone, hair transplants are a somewhat traditional solution. Keep in mind that it is an invasive surgery that requires recovery time and comes with a hefty price tag.

Try SMP Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation is a method of creating fuller-looking hair without surgery or medicine. The process is similar to semi-permanent makeup.

Color is applied to the scalp in a simulated pattern to look like hair follicles. The effect gradually fades over two to three years. But the results are natural, and the process is suitable for most skin and hair types!

No More Bad Hair Days

Suffering through hair loss can be frustrating and lonely. But once you realize that a healthy scalp is the start of healthy hair, the process becomes more bearable.

If you're experiencing a dry scalp, try out the solutions above! Then come visit us at Precise Micro Scalps to create the fullness and hairline you've always wanted.