Are Hair Tattoos an effective way to escape hair loss?

Everyone knows how embarrassing it is to lose your hair at a young age, and nowadays, every gender is witnessing this scenario. There are different reasons for hair fall. For some people, it is due to genetics and results in extreme hair thinning while for others, it is because of hormone imbalances or not consuming enough nutrients. 

There are different ways to handle hair loss. Few of us choose medications that only slow down the process but don’t fix the problem completely. Some go for PRP treatment to stop hair loss that doesn't give you a permanent solution either. The rest choose to go bald and opt for wigs, hairpieces, and hair replacement which gives an unnatural look. Hair tattoos are a new trend in the hair industry and is considered the best choice to deal with the hair loss.

What is a hair tattoo? 

A hair tattoo for the head (also known as SMP - SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION) is different from a typical tattoo. A hair tattoo should be done by a certified SMP artist and not by an ordinary tattoo artist. However, people quite often make the mistake of assuming a hair tattoo is where designs are cut or shaved into the hair to create a different hairstyle though that isn’t the case.


A hair tattoo can cover all of your scalp if you are bald and give the appearance of light hair on your head. If you have some bald patches and a receding hairline that you want to be covered, it can be done with SMP as well. 



A microneedle is used for the precise implementation of pigment on the scalp and to create a complete hair tattoo, so that your scalp looks fuller and covered. Precise Micro Scalps has their own SMP machines that we use to deposit precise pigment. 


It is a safe procedure that anyone who has thin hair and is experiencing hair loss, having a receding hairline, or is getting bald, can get it done. It is less painful than any hair loss treatment available in the market, and often customers describe it as virtually painless. 


Precise micro scalps is offering the following services:

    • SMP for men
      • SMP for women
        • Receding hairline treatment
          • Alopecia areata and all other forms of alopecia treatment
          • Genetic hair loss
          • Hair loss after illness such as lupus and cancer
          • Birthmark blending
          • Scarring or burns on the scalp from accidents or surgery
          • Hair transplant scar camouflage from a previous hair transplant
          • SMP for dark and light skin
          • Adding density to longer hair
          • We repair bad SMP treatments which have been caused by other SMP providers.


            We care for you. At Precise Micro Scalps we understand that your appearance is a huge part of your personality and it impacts your confidence. Having a bald head or a receding hairline means you aren't confident with what you see in the mirror. That is why our results are 100% accurate and we deliver satisfaction.  If you want to look younger and bolder not balder, Precise micro scalps is the place for you. Give us a call and schedule a FREE consultation with us to evaluate your scalp needs. 

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