How Do You Avoid Giving the Dreaded Look of a Fully Painted Scalp?

 Have you been experimenting with developing scalp micropigmentation skills but are still not satisfied with the results? It's an art and requires proper training and the correct tools.

In this article, we talk about the best techniques to use in your scalp micropigmentation sessions that provide a natural and long-lasting look for clients. Read on to learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Proper Scalp Micropigmentation Equipment

One of the most common problems beginning SMP technicians work to avoid is giving their clients a treatment that results in the look of a fully painted scalp.

Developing proper technique comes over time with practice and instruction, but using the proper equipment cannot be stressed enough.


Never use tattoo ink! What makes SMP so appealing for clients is that it is not permanent and can be blended over sessions to provide a natural look.

Always invest in quality natural pigment ink formulated for scalp micropigmentation. It is buildable and can be customized to match existing hair.

Quality pigment ink like 5pm shadow also flows well. It makes developing your technique easier because it is transformed through needles without skips or overflow.

SMP Machine

The machine you use should deliver precision that is lightweight and easy to handle. This is very important because a session can run between 1 and 4 hours.

A wireless machine will give you freedom of movement for proper ink placement at various angles. Choose a brand that best fits your hand and works well with quality needles.

SMP Needles

Choose needles that hold ink well so that you are not taking time to redip constantly and risking the placement of unwanted areas of ink. 

Your needles should be designated for dots of ink that are much smaller than traditional tattoo needles. If you're using tattoo needles, you risk giving clients a painted look rather than a realistic and blended hairline. 

Portable SMP Chair

If you are looking to set up shop or add scalp micropigmentation as an addition to your hair services, purchase a portable SMP chair. Your clients will thank you for the comfort and you will appreciate the mobility during sessions.

Know the Scalp Micropigmentation Healing Process

Educate your client on scalp micropigmentation recovery. The scalp will need time to calm and inks need to set. Therefore, regular washing should be avoided for a few days. 

After an SMP session, it is not unusual for clients to experience some scalp micropigmentation peeling or flaking. This is the scalp healing from the tiny abrasions made during SMP. Picking at or peeling scabs may result in loss of pigmentation.

There are many products available to assist your client with scalp micropigmentation maintenance. It's recommended to advise clients to avoid alcohol based cleansing products.

Educate yourself on how to remove or reduce over pigmentation should the dreaded painted look happen. Always be open to corrections and encourage clients to give feedback a few days after treatment.

Enroll In a Quality SMP Certification and Training Program

Scalp micropigmentation treatment is a skill to be proud of and offers confidence for clients looking for stylish solutions to hair loss.

Treat your clients right by enrolling in specialized SMP courses. Feel free to make contact to get advice on how to take your skills to the next level.