How long does it take for the redness to go away after a scalp micropigmentation session?

Scalp Micropigmentation has been the number one choice by many people with hair loss, receded hairlines, alopecia, Male Pattern Baldness, and are happy with the results. But those who are considering getting the SMP procedure done, wonder about how much time it takes to recover to get back to their normal routine. Redness of the scalp is normal and it occurs in every procedure which resembles tattooing. It's about how quickly you recover and enjoy the new look you've gotten. Several factors contribute towards the redness of a client's scalp; especially how skilled was the SMP artist who performed the procedure. The more practiced and skilled you are, the less your clients will worry about the healing and redness.

Why does the scalp go red after a session?

The whole procedure is spread into 2 to 3 sessions. The SMP specialist will form impressions of the follicles to give your scalp a fuller hair and the tiny pigmented spots will appear to be natural. Though it is non-invasive it does penetrate the scalp in the epidermal layer and needles are involved in the process and as a result, your skin loses blood. The scalp resembles an open wound after the procedure and thus it needs proper care to heal as soon as possible. Because of the involvement of WBCs, the wound while getting healed becomes red but it does not stay like that for long because the wounds are not deep into the skin. A person's immune system also plays a role in how quickly he recovers from the SMP redness.  

When does the scalp redness go after SMP? 

It does not make the skin so inflamed and red and after each session, it usually takes 1-2 days or 3 at max to properly heal up and the redness fades away. Clients do not have to wait for long to go to their workplace or universities again, even some people return to their routines a day after. A hat, cap, or scarf can always work though.  

But proper healing without a bit of irritation may take up to a week. Because the skin's wound dries up and then sheds away and the new skin comes to take place in almost 7 days. After the scalp is healed properly, one can see how the SMP results are showing. It is quite normal if the shade is uneven in some places, that is why it takes up 2 –3 sessions to cover the whole head properly and evenly. The scalp then appears to be dense with hair and the pigments get their full richness in shade.  

Aftercare tips for SMP

To fasten the process of healing there are some simple tips you should follow right away and some tips in later days for at least a week or two. The first category includes doing some things like; 

  • Not to touch the scalp often to check how much it is healed
  • Trying to avoid shaving your scalp after SMP to check the results, one should be patient for final results. 
  • It may itch, but one should not scratch as it will add to the wound

However, using shea butter, organic oil or baby oil can help. 

Things to do for 10 days at least for SMP aftercare: 

Staying away from dampness: 

After SMP, one should try to stay away from long baths or showers. Keeping the scalp dry will make the dead skin shed off quickly. It may itch, it’s natural but doesn’t run your nails through the scalp. Don’t use wet towels for at least 3-4 days after SMP. But you can wear headgear to work, soft silk scarves and hats can help as they won't add to the itchiness.  

Moisturizing the scalp:

After the scalp starts shedding the dead skin, using a moisturizer such as baby oil or organic moisturizer with no infused chemicals can help decrease the itchiness and will heal the scalp more quickly. 

Try avoiding sweaty workouts:

Going to the gym for a hard workout, steam baths, going out directly in the sun can cause perspiration or sweating in the scalp. This will increase the itchiness and you will want to get a shower which can add to the wound and slow the healing of your scalp. Stay away from your gym for at least 5 days and if you sweat due to natural atmospheric changes such as humidity or high temperature, use a dry cloth or a paper towel to clean up the sweat. Once you see visible healing, you can continue with your gym routine. 

Medicines and alcohol: 

Clients can consume alcohol or take their medicines but it is better to wait for a day only. Try avoiding serums on your scalps that are infused with alcohol or chemicals, especially parabens. However, just a 10-day gap can heal your properly and you are good to do anything you want with your hair. 

Aftercare is important because if you dont take care of the treatment, it will lose its impact and results will be a lot less visible.

Learn and make your clients aware:

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