Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Good Career Choice?

Balding has been a genetic condition that many men have struggled with throughout all of history. Unfortunately, many treatments for it are either unsafe or only temporary.

However, scalp micropigmentation allows people to take advantage of a safe, long-lasting solution to hair loss. But, is it a good career choice?

Let’s explore everything you should know.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

As the name suggests, this procedure involves using small amounts of ink across the entire scalp in order to create the illusion of stubble.

A major issue that people have with hair loss is that a receding hairline is no longer able to frame your face. This could easily result in a loss of self-confidence, something that can also have an adverse impact on your overall mental health.

Although scalp micropigmentation won’t give you back a full head of luscious locks, it can create an appearance identical to that of a shaved head. Since stubble is able to frame your face similar to how a hairline can, it can provide amazing results despite not actually giving you hair.

Since this procedure is both safe and long-lasting, there is plenty of demand for it.

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Unfortunately, you can’t simply open up your own micropigmentation business. You’ll need to go through the proper training before you’re able to do so.

This involves working as an apprentice or receiving education from a certified instructor. Not only will this allow you to legally practice as a micropigmentation professional, but it will also provide you with key information about how to perform this role as effectively as possible.

After all, you can’t expect to be successful if you don’t excel at your craft.

How Much Can I Expect to Make?

Now, onto the good news.

Scalp micropigmentation is a form of tattooing. Combined with the fact that it is virtually impossible to tattoo your own scalp, people will always have to have this procedure done by a professional.

After you establish a presence in your industry, it’s not uncommon for those in this role to charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their work. You can easily reach the upper end of this range within a few years as long as you are able to provide outstanding results.

This means that your clients should require as few sessions as possible and that your work should always heal properly as long as they take care of it appropriately. Put simply, putting your all into this career choice could put you in a situation where you are making well over six figures each year.

Scalp Pigmentation Can Be a Highly Lucrative Career Choice

So, keep the above information in mind when determining whether or not it is right for you. Afterward, you’ll be able to fully leverage this career choice and catapult yourself to new heights.

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