Scalp Micropigmentation 101: What Tools and Equipment Are Needed for SMP?

You might already be changing your client's lives with haircuts, tattoos, and the other beauty services you provide. But what if you could go one step even further and build up their confidence about their hair loss?

Hairlines are at the front and center of everyone's look - and not even the best haircuts or treatments in the world can salvage them if it's clear it is receding.

According to Healthline, men will typically have a receding hairline by the time they reach their late thirties, while women will typically experience a widening, thinning hair part.

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is the perfect solution for hair loss.

Read on to find out exactly what scalp micropigmentation is and what tools and equipment you'll need to provide those services.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Everyone has heard of Rogaine and hair plugs. The problem with Rogaine is that, even if the medicine does work, your hair will continue to fall out a few months after you stop using it. Hair plugs can look unsightly and obvious and even have painful side effects. 

Much like with permanent eyeliner or microblading eyebrows, scalp micropigmentation is scalp tattooing. It deposits pigmentation onto the outermost layer of the scalp to imitate hair follicles. It's like permanent makeup for your head.

The pigment used can be adjusted to a client's skin tone and natural hair color. The pigment won't change color but will begin to fade in about two or three years, just like with regular tattoos. 

Usually, this procedure can be applied in two to five treatments. 

What Tools Do I Need to Get Started? 

As with any service, you'll need to right tools to give your clients the best SMP treatment possible to ensure they're feeling their best. 

Your clients will need a place to sit, so a portable SMP chair will be necessary to give them a sense of comfort. It will also ensure you can take your business anywhere!

Similar to a tattoo gun, you will also need a Precise SMP Machine so you can perform safe and efficient pigment implantation. Precise guns come in various colors, include a charger, are lightweight and quiet, and are even wireless.

Lastly, you will also want to invest in some Precise Gold SMP Needle Cartridges. Precise brand offers some of the most durable needles in the business. They are disposable, single-use, pre-sterilized, and made of surgical stainless steel. 

How Can I Start My New Business Today?

Now that you know what SMP is and the tools you need to get started, it's time to put your new knowledge to use. 

Precise not only carries the tools you need to start your new business venture, but it also offers courses to help you learn the ins and outs of scalp micropigmentation. 

Sign up for a three or four-day course today to learn everything you need to know to grow your new business.