Scalp Micropigmentation: Questions to Ask Your SMP Artist

Did you know that the most common form of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)? This is a genetic condition that can occur at any age.

In most cases, hair loss is not a fault of your own. When it does happen, there are hair loss treatments that can help, one being scalp micropigmentation.

Before opting for this treatment, find the best SMP artist for the job. With the right questions, you can make an informed decision. Read on to learn some of the most common questions to ask an artist.

What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

If you are looking for an SMP artist, you probably already know what scalp micropigmentation is. However, this question is still important to ask because you could learn details that you weren't aware of before.

In short, scalp micropigmentation is an effective hair loss solution for those with a hairline recession, thinning hair, alopecia, pattern baldness, and hair transplant scarring.

This non-invasive treatment uses micro-needles to place pigment onto the scalp. The result is the appearance of tiny hair follicles that can restore the look of a fuller head of hair.

The answer you receive from an SMP artist can help you understand how much they really know about the procedure.

What Qualifications Do You Have?

Instead of choosing a random scalp micropigmentation artist, it is essential to ensure they have the proper qualifications. SMP is a procedure that needs to be handled by a professional.

During a scalp micropigmentation consultation, an SMP expert will be happy to tell you their credentials. In general, you'll need to know whether the artist has SMP training and experience.

You can ask specifics like where they attended school and how many procedures they have successfully done so far.

If they have a list of referrals, don't be afraid to contact those customers to see what they have to say about the process. If previous clients are happy with the work, you should be too.

Why Should I Choose Scalp Micropigmentation Over Other Options?

The benefits of scalp micropigmentation include that it is a solution for multiple hair loss diseases. However, if the hair restoration expert you are consulting with offers other treatments for hair loss, ask them about the differences.

Most people prefer SMP because it is a non-invasive procedure with little downtime. This means you can return to your daily routine after the procedure is complete.

Compared to other hair treatments, the procedure takes little time. When you ask this question, you can get a more specific answer on how SMP is the better option for your situation.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

Scalp micropigmentation is not a one-and-done treatment process. Most clients complete treatment after 2-4 sessions depending on the extent of hair loss. The treatments are spaced out anywhere between 10 and 20 days.

Each session will take around 2-4 hours to complete.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Another one of the questions about scalp micropigmentation that you should ask is how long the results will last. This semi-permanent procedure can last up to five years, much longer than other hair loss solutions.

If you don't like how your procedure turned out, there is actually a way to remove the results. Few people who turn to this procedure take the additional step to remove it.

Once the results begin to fade, you can opt for a top-up session to freshen the look. This one-off procedure can take anywhere from one to two hours.

It is important to know that the amount of time the results will last will depend on how well you adhere to the aftercare routine. Following the directions of your artist is a sure way to delay the need for top-ups.

What Pigment Do You Use?

A scalp micropigmentation artist that uses the best products is one you'll want to work with. Ask how the quality of the pigment and equipment they use so you know that you will come out of the procedure with the desired results.

Will Pigmentation Change Colors Like Tattoos?

The short answer is no, pigmentation does not change colors like tattoos. This is because scalp micropigmentation is a form of permanent cosmetics designed to match the color spectrum of short-cut hair.

The pigment does not have additional colorants or additives. If anything, the pigment will lighten over time, but not change colors.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

The answer to this question will depend on the individual and their pain tolerance. For most clients, there is minimal pain. In fact, most people consider it to be less painful than a traditional tattoo.

Once the procedure is complete, there is no further discomfort after you've healed.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

Those who are passionate about their work aren't shy about offering a guarantee to ensure their results. A guarantee usually lasts for 12 months or more, but the time will depend on your artist.

They might also offer a free treatment on an area of the scalp that needs extra attention after you've been fully treated.

How Does Your Treatment Scheduling Process Work?

Pigment professionals can work with your busy schedule in hopes that you will opt for their treatment plan. During a consultation, ask when they are available for services.

It is best for those with a full-time job to inquire about treatments in the evening and on the weekends. If these times are available, you don't have to worry about taking off work for the treatment.

What happens if you schedule an appointment and something comes up? It is important to ask this question too because some artists might be strict about schedule changes.

If you provide an early enough notice for a schedule change, an artist might not have a problem with it.

How Will My Hairline Look?

A great SMP artist will ensure that a client's hairline matches their facial features, age, and personal preferences. This is an important part of the consultation because treatment should not occur until you agree on an image.

If your artist does not offer you any information on how your scalp will look, consider it a red flag. Although the artist will offer recommendations, the final hairline decision is up to the client.

During the different sessions, you can ask to adjust or tweak the hairline to achieve your desired result.

When Can I Expect to See the Finished Result?

Because it takes more than one treatment to complete the scalp micropigmentation procedure, it can take a while to see the completed look. Yet, after the first treatment, you'll notice a difference in your hairline.

In general, it takes around two and four treatments to get the full look. For some clients, the timing could be different. The results of a true look will depend on the extent of SMP and your desired result.

After the first treatment, you might notice some redness around the scalp for 24 hours. The visibility of the redness will depend on your skin tone.

It will take a few weeks before the pigmentation settles and heals completely after the SMP procedure is finished.

Does SMP Work on Gray Hair?

Of course, you won't have to ask this question if you don't have gray hair. Yet, we are aware that many clients with gray hair want to undergo scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Those with gray hair can still feed off the benefits of SMP. It is recommended for most clients to buzz their hair short. Since the roots of the hair are darker, gray hair won't appear to be gray once it is buzzed.

A gray-scale pigment can also be adjusted to blend in with lighter-colored hair. A lighter dilution is created to blend into existing gray hairs.

How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

The cost of the SMP procedure usually depends on how much of your scalp needs to be treated. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,800 and $4,400.

The three major factors contributing to the cost of SMP are:

  1. Your needs
  2. The expertise of the artist
  3. The clinic's reputation

Someone who has more experience and works in a top clinic will charge more for SMP. These artists tend to guarantee the best results as well.

Create a List of Questions for Your SMP Consultation

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective solution to hair loss but requires the hand of a professional to achieve desired results. When you ask your SMP artist the right questions, you will have all of the information you need to make a decision.

During your consultation, create a list of questions that pertain to your situation. Use these common questions as an outline, but ask any other questions that you are curious about.

The more you know about the treatment, the better you will feel about going through with it.

At Precise Micro Scalps, we offer free simulations of what your SMP result would look like when you schedule a consultation. Take the first step to finding answers about your hair loss and contact us today.