Scalp Tattooing 101: What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a procedure to cover scalps with hair loss. Micro or nanoneedles are penetrated on the epidermal layer of skin, putting it into the category of non-invasive treatments. Hair follicles that are no longer able to produce or grow new hair are deposited with pigments similar to your hair color so your hair can have a fuller look. We train our students for this procedure so the clients can restore their younger look by having profound hair. So, if you have lost hair due to an injury, disease, or facing alopecia, we are here to serve you. 

What does Scalp micro pigmentation fix? 

It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment and thus can be used for the treatment of anyone regardless of their gender. We use natural and organic pigments with no chemicals and smell so you get a natural appearance and it gives you a life-changing experience. Scalp micro pigmentation fixes: 

  • Male/Female pattern baldness (Alopecia).
  • Injury or wound scars
  • Hair thinning, especially at hair partitions. 
  • Hair receded at hair hairlines.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation:

It does not have any side effects, nor does it stay as long as tattoos do. However, if you are allergic to any pigment additive, you should tell your consultant beforehand. SMP has a lot of benefits;

  • It is nothing like a surgical treatment such as hair transplantation. 
  • A little maintenance and it can stay for years without the need of a new procedure. 
  • It does not cost you much; like other hair treatments do. 
  • You don’t have to apply medicines on your scalp after you get SMP. 
  • It is effective and does not take as long to recover as tattoos do. 
  • It does not hurt as tattoos do because the needles we use have nano diameters that do not make you feel any twinge. 

How does SMP differ from Tattoos? 

SMP varies greatly from tattooing. Let's see how? 

Penetration: Tattoos go almost 4-5 layers in the skin while SMP stays on the one or two layers only.

Needle diameter: Tattooing makes use of larger needles because the ink needs to be invaded in the skin while in SMP micro or nano-needles are used to give pigments to follicles. 

Ink: The ink used in SMP is organic because scalp skin is much more sensitive than the skin on our body. 

Recovery period: Tattoos require weeks or even months to recover while the recovery period for SMP is limited to a week or two at maximum. 

Removal from the skin: Tattoos can cause skin troubles and are difficult to eradicate while SMP being non-penetrative can be removed easily from the scalp with an electro-optic Q-switched laser.  


What if I have a minor hair recession? 

The purpose of SMP is to give density to your hair and it creates an illusion of thick hair that cannot be detected easily. So, it does not matter if you have a major hair loss or a minor one. You can get SMP any time and can ask specialists anytime. However, if you are below 18, you need the consent of your parents and show proof before getting this treatment done. 

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We use state-of-art equipment for the procedure to provide you with the look you desire making the ink blend seamlessly into your follicles. It is easy to maintain as you don’t have to apply special serums or oils to your scalp. You just have to be careful for a week after getting SMP done; try avoiding the use of chemical substances with alcohol content. 

We also offer customized procedures; you can select the color, style, and design of your hairline before getting the procedure. The procedure takes about an hour and is spread out to 2-3 sessions with a gap of 2 weeks at max. After that, if you want to continue with the SMP pigmented in your scalp, you just have to have a touch-up after 3-4 years, that too if needed. 

Why are we the right spot for those who want the SMP procedure?

  • We have certified trainers for performing SMP 
  • We also have proper credentials (license, certificates) needed as proof of qualifying to body art practicing, health permits, sterile tools, and a microbe-free environment. 
  • We provide both our trainers and trainees with safety kits; masks, gloves, etc. 
  • We provide a free consultation with our dermatologists and tattoo experts before our clients opt for SMP. 
  • We take full responsibility for providing you with 100% results. 

There are no hidden costs to deceive you, we provide our clients and our trainees with proper financial details and how much budget they require to get and learn the SMP procedure respectively, so neither us nor you face any future problems.  

Also, the average costs of the treatment range between $1500- $3000 which is a high potential earning for our students if they perform 3-4 procedures weekly. 

How to find a credible SMP expert in town: 

After getting proper understanding of Scalp micropigmentation, you can look for a credible expert to do the procedure for you. Or visit us at Precise Microscalps to receive a free consultation with one of our experts. Satisfying you, our customers is our top priority. You are always welcomed for expert’s advice and suggestions. 

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For those who want to learn this procedure, it has a lot of earning benefits because it is a revolutionary procedure that will outdate wigs and transplants, and is an optimal way of camouflaging thin hairlines and injury scars. Adding this service to your portfolio will attract a lot of clients. 

We train our students so they can get proper certifications and credentials, lowering the risk of any mistreatment.

Trainees at “Precise micro scalps” are offered lifetime assistance, so they can ask anything they want anytime during their professional period. 

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So, whether you are interested in the treatment or would like to learn to provide this treatment, we're here to help!