What Causes an Uneven Hairline and How can I Fix It?

The hairline is a framework of millions of follicles from which the hair grows out of the scalp. An even hairline is a symbol of beauty and plays a very critical role in a persons appearance. Who doesn’t like a symmetrical hairline? Everyone wants it. But unfortunately, some people start losing hair especially in the early onset of male pattern baldness. These can cause your hairline to recede or become uneven which does not look attractive. Finding a perfect solution is not impossible, especially when Scalp Micropigmentation is changing lives. It gives a fuller hair look giving a natural even pattern to the hairline and makes you look younger than before. 

Uneven Hairline naturally or due to hair loss? How to notice the difference? 

The uneven hairline can be genetic or by birth in some people. But if you notice your hairline is receding, especially when you are styling your hair and using heat treatments frequently, there is a chance your hairline is becoming uneven due to hair loss caused by such harmful chemicals and styling procedures. 

Another reason is that you have started being affected by Male pattern baldness, which is nowadays quite common in people in their late 20s or early 30s. This is where you should stop looking for more signals and get the SMP treatment. Hair loss does not occur overnight, you may notice patches where your hair does not appear as thick as it used to be or you notice your hairbrush with hairs stuck in it. Don’t overlook these signs and get a fuller hair look before the situation worsens.

What causes an uneven hairline?

You must know why your client is losing hair before you provide them with a solution. If the client is losing hair gradually and slowly it means there is nothing to worry about, this is just how people age. But if the hair loss is rapid and without any pattern there are chances your client is dealing with alopecia. Uneven hairlines are usually a result of hair loss diseases but you have to be sure. At Precise Micro scalps, we train our students to deal with all types of hair loss and give them knowledge about every hair type and condition before they start working on their client's scalp. 

Let us look at some common causes of uneven hairline due to hair loss. 

Genetic composition: 

Our genetic formation is something beyond our choice and control. If our blood relatives, especially men have had Male pattern Baldness or uneven hairline by birth, chances are we might face the same hairline makeup since birth or in later years at the onset of puberty. You inherit the genetics of hair just like your hair and eye color. 

Male Pattern Baldness: 

Losing hair in an M-shaped pattern is a visible sign of hair loss due to Androgenic alopecia. Hair around your temples and the back of your head remains intact while hair from the cerebral side of the head starts shedding and ends in receding hairline or almost baldness. Some other patterns indicating Alopecia are hair in a horse-shoe pattern at the back or an S-shaped pattern at the front. DHT hormone in us affects how long the follicle cycle is. Men with an excess of this hormone are more prone to baldness depriving them of their younger look.

Root Traction Alopecia: 

This hair loss affects the grip of follicles at the root causing them to lose the bond with the hair. This is more common in females than men because of the hairstyles they adopt. Tight braids, buns, ponytails which cause stretching of skin from the scalp results in loss of hair especially at the hairline. This gives females an uneven patterned hairline. In men, it occurs due to wearing caps all the time especially if they are tight. Hair loss due to this cause is not an elongated problem, hair grows back eventually when you change your styling ways.  

How to fix an uneven hairline? 

There are numerous ways to fix an uneven hairline but some of them may cause side effects or a redo. Thus, cannot be called an optimal and lasting solution. Let's look at some of them. 

Medicines and Serums: 

A dermatologist may prescribe you various medicines and serums approved by FDA. These medicines do not show quick results and take years to even give you a proper effect. Who can wait for that long now? Also, growing hair back by medicines does not mean the person gets an even hairline. It can look full but unevenly. 

Hair Transplant:

For even hairline, people opt for a hair transplant. Though it shows results but is considered as surgery and cannot be done by everyone without a medical background. Also, it takes a lot of time to heal and sometimes it has the potential to react with healthy cells and the result is wounds filled with pus and dead cells which are too difficult to bear or even see. Another downside of this treatment is, it is not limited to only one session. If your donor area is not that strong to grow hair, you will need several other sessions to gain the look you desire. 

Products with special ingredients infused in them:

To make a worse situation better if not perfect, some serums, conditioners and shampoos with some special ingredients can be used. But remember, it will only lessen the hair loss and won't help grow new hairs on the hairline. Some of them include:

  • Biotin, 
  • Caffeine
  • Jojoba oil 
  • Emu and coconut infused serums
  • Niacinamide etc. 

  • Why is Scalp Micropigmentation the unmatchable alternative? 

    SMP is revolutionary when it comes to getting a fuller hair look with an even hairline. Why? Because it is quick and does not have any side effects. The procedure can be performed by experts without having a medical background. You will only need proper certifications to perform the procedure on your clients and Precise Micro scalps gives you an opportunity for that. This procedure is non-invasive but resembles tattooing. So, those having tattooing skills should not waste a bit of their time and join as soon as they can to start earning. Treat your clients with the safest solution ever to exist and give them a fuller hair look within 2-3 hours. The best part? You can give them any shape and color they want!

    The SMP industry is blowing up right now, and more and more men and women are now adopting this treatment to combat hair loss and get their hairlines back. Your hair are a major part of your outfit, it affects your confidence and self esteem. 

    Dont wait, schedule a free consultation with a Precise Microscalps expert today and get rid of that receding hairline! Schedule a consultation here.